Woman Arrested For Stealing Jewelry

A woman is being charged after stealing jewelry from her workplace and selling the pieces to a pawn shop. The Journal Gazette reports 28-year-old Jessica A. Lombrana of Huntertown was given an 8-year prison sentence for stealing the jewelry from the store she worked, doctoring the receipts, and then taking the stolen items to a pawn shop to make some quick cash. Allen Superior Court charged Lombrana with stealing at least $146,000 worth of jewelry in 2013 and investigators also uncovered $40,000 of inventory that was not accounted for in the store. The pieces were taken from Hill Jewelers. Police have reason to believe they were later pawned at a Cash America on the same days Lombrana worked. Last month, Lombrana admitted to stealing the jewelry. She was ordered to pay more than $86,000 in restitution.