Woman sells narcotics, controlled substances near public Warsaw parks

A Winona Lake woman was arrested Tuesday for dealing in a narcotic drug.

Billie Lynn Mireles Rogers, 40, of Winona Lake, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail on October 4, on charges of dealing in a narcotic drug enhancing circumstances, a level 4 felony and dealing in a schedule IV controlled substance enhancing circumstances, a level 6 felony.  She is being held on a $15,250 bond.

According to the probable cause affidavit from the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, on May 25 a Warsaw City Police officer met with a confidential informant who advised he/she had arranged to purchase oxycodone from an individual identified as Billie Mireles Rogers.  The informant told police the transaction was to occur at Rogers’s home.

Officers followed the informant to Rogers’s home where officers could hear the informant and Rogers discuss prescription pills through an audio recording device the informant was equipped with. Shortly after, the informant left the residence.

The informant met with officers and provided ten round green pills. He/she also advised Rogers called shortly after they left the residence stating a family member had witnessed a Warsaw city detective in the alley shortly after their transaction. The information advised he/she gave Rogers $120 for the ten green pills.

Officers identified the green pills as oxycodone, a schedule II narcotic drug and weighed approximately one gram. Officers found that Rogers’s residence at the time of the transaction was located approximately 224 feet from Liz Fraser Field Public Park and approximately 500 feet from Richardson Dubois Public Park. Police were able to confirm that one elementary school aged child and two adults were playing at Richardson Dubois Public Park at the time of purchase.

On June 3, the Warsaw city officer met with a confidential informant who arranged to purchase alprazolam from Rogers. At the time, Rogers was living in the same location on East Market Street. Officers followed the informant, who again was equipped with an audio recording device, to Rogers’s residence and could hear a male answer the door. A short time later, Rogers entered the residence and officers can hear her ask the informant what he/she would like. Rogers stated she had ten left and the informant left the residence.

Officers met with the informant who provided ten small blue oval pills and advised officers he/she gave Rogers $40 in exchange for the pills.  Officers identified the small blue pill as alprazolam, a schedule IV controlled substance.

During both transactions, Warsaw City police searched the informant’s vehicles for any drugs or contraband with none being found to ensure the integrity of the investigation.