WWFT ladder truck down for repairs

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory's ladder truck is pictured in July of 2021. News Now Warsaw file photo.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory will be without its ladder truck for an unspecified amount of time because of a malfunction involving electronics.

Fire Chief Joel Shilling said the truck can still be operated manually with two people but that stretches the manpower even thinner and it’s not a risk he’s willing to take.

The fire territory doesn’t have another ladder truck and will depend on cooperation from Winona Lake’s fire department, he said.

“If we get called out where we feel we need an aerial, they’re automatically called as well so they’ll be noticed when it’s gone,” Shilling said. “So we still have a ladder truck — just might not be as quickly what we could staff it.”

Shilling said they hope to have it repaired quikly, but was uncertain how long it will take.

The territory has orered a new truck, but delays have pushed that back to some 600 days.

Shilling updated city council on the matter and received approval to transfer $23,000 for repairs for the truck.

On a related note, Mayor Jeff Grose applauded the public works department for its support in looking into mechanical issues for the fire tettirory and other departnents.

“Their ability to do the things for the entire city is saving thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars,” Grose told council.