1.2 million Honda Accords recalled due to possible fire hazard

Honda is recalling 1.2 million Accord midsize cars because a battery sensor can short out and potentially cause a fire.

The company says the sensors on the negative terminal of the battery aren’t properly sealed from moisture.

Road salt can get in and cause corrosion and an electrical short. The shorted sensor can heat up and possibly catch on fire.

The recall covers models from 2013 through 2016.

Honda says it has four reports of engine compartment fires due to the problem, but no injuries have been reported.

All four fires were reported in states where salt is used to clear roads in the winter.

If you drive a Honda Accord, contact the dealership.

Dealers will inspect the sensors and faulty ones will be replaced.

Those without problems will get an adhesive sealant and parts will be replaced once they become available.