Boy survives serious dog attack at Jellystone Park in Marshall County

A 10-year-old boy is recovering from a severe arm injury after being attacked by a dog at Jellystone Park in Marshall County.

WNDU reports one of the 22 bites the boy received was one centimeter away from an artery, which if pierced, would have killed him.

“This is considered a level 5 attack,” the boy’s father told WNDU. “The next, level 6 is death.”

The boy says he didn’t do anything to the dog besides pet its head.

“He came up right from behind me and tackled me down and then started biting my arm…Till my dad smacked him in the head…The owner tried pulling him back…The dog bit his owner and then ran right back at me and tackled me again,” explained the 10-year-old.

The boy’s family says they want the dog to be put down.

“I usually don’t like dogs dying,” the boy told WNDU. “But it hurt me really bad, so I guess if it be put down, I would probably be a lot happier because of my arm…I don’t really want to see that dog ever again.”

Jellystone Park says they will be reviewing dog rules at their next meeting in August.