Elkhart Man Arrested After Biting Police Officer

An Elkhart man has been arrested after biting an officer’s arm. An acquaintance of the suspect, 23-year-old Christian Nuss, was inside the Elkhart Police Department lobby filing an assault complaint against him when investigators say he walked in, resisted arrest, and then, chomped down on the officer.

The female assault victim told police she was riding in a vehicle with Nuss when they began arguing. Nuss allegedly hit the woman in the side of the head, so she took out her phone to call police. The Elkhart Truth reports Nuss then grabbed the phone and hit her in the head again while she was trying to make the call.

After that, Nuss got out of the car ans she drove to the police station. When Nuss walked in he was arrested on a preliminary charge of domestic battery in front of a child younger than 16. After biting the officer, he was also charged with resisting law enforcement causing injury and battery on a police officer.