18 Months Behind Bars For Man Who Struck Woman Jogging

It's 18 months behind bars for the St. Joseph County man who admitted smoking pot and drinking beer before he struck a woman out for a morning jog in Mishawaka this past spring. In total, 24 year-old Quentin Burnley, was given a 3 year-sentence, though half of it is suspended. Burnley pleaded guilty to causing serious bodily injury while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated for the incident, which happened in late May when 30 year-old Tiffany Brantley was struck while jogging on Jefferson Blvd near Charlotte Street. Brantley spent months in the hospital, having suffered life-altering injuries, including four broken vertebrae, a broken leg, shattered pelvis and partial paralysis. Brantley must undergo therapy as she learns to walk, once again.