Limitless Park Campaign Raises Over $10,000

OrthoWorx and Winona Lake Limitless Park Committee recently joined on a campaign to purchase equipment for the park. 
Over $10,000 was raised during the campaign through the online crowd funding campaign, local events and a contribution from Orthopedics Capital Foundation, according to a release from OrthoWorx. In addition to the total funds raised, there has been a significant increase in community awareness about the park, as there were over one million potential impressions created from campaign communications and events. 
“We are most pleased with helping to increase awareness of Limitless Park. We noticed a definite increase in awareness of the park as the campaign progressed. This will serve the committee well as it continues to raise funds,” said Sheryl Conley, OrthoWorx president and CEO, in the release.
During the campaign, in-kind support from about 30 businesses and organizations was valued at more than $14,000 to support campaign events and perks. 
“This includes OrthoWorx staff hours to power the campaign. We appreciate OrthoWorx member Grace College providing an intern dedicated to the campaign and OrthoWorx member Kosciusko County Community Foundation providing a matching grant of $2,000 for a mixer/silent auction event,” said Conley.
Limitless Park is a valuable asset in the community and located on the community’s trail system, the release states.
“Connecting our broader offerings in the community is valuable. It helps to improve the quality of life for current and future residents of this region,” said Conley.
WLLP Committee is continuing fundraising for Limitless Park. 
“Funds raised through this recent campaign will be used for the universally accessible playground fund, with the ultimate goal being to purchase the NEOS 360,” said Erin Porter, WLLP Committee chair. “We appreciate OrthoWorx’s support with this recent campaign. It’s advanced us closer to where we want to be. We also would like to thank all that have donated to Limitless Park.”
For those interested in making contributions to the park, visit Click on “Town Hall” for the drop-down menu, select “Pay Online” then select “Limitless Parks.”

(Story By The Times Union)