2019 saw more calls for Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory

(Photo supplied / Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory)

The Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory responded to more calls in 2019 than in 2018.

Chief Michael Wilson gave his report during a meeting of the fire territory board on Tuesday afternoon. The department responded to just over 2,800 calls for service, roughly 300 more than in 2018. Of those 2,800 calls, 1,969, or about 70% of the calls, were in the classification of Rescue and Emergency Services. There were 97 fire calls last year, and the related fire damage was estimated to be $812,320.

Wilson also credited the efforts of firefighter Max Kinsey, who is the lead educator in fire safety with the local school programs. The annual Family Safety Day attracted 3,500 visitors in September, and the department continues in the advancement of its severe weather early warning system as a fifth tornado siren was installed on the city’s north side near Zimmer Biomet.