3 State Candidates Visited Warsaw

Three state candidates visited Warsaw Friday during a bus tour. The candidates made a stop at the Kosciusko County GOP headquarters in downtown Warsaw.
Secretary of state candidate Connie Lawson, state auditor candidate Susan Crouch and state treasurer candidate Kelly Mitchell visited Warsaw.
Lawson, who has served as secretary of state for the past 2-1/2 years, thanked attendees for their support. 
“I’m very honored and humbled to serve as your secretary of state and since day one I wanted to make a difference in the office by making it open, honest, responsive and accountable,” Lawson said.
She said her office has worked on educating victims of fraud, and said her office has visited over 200 organizations and schools. She has talked to seniors about protecting their nest eggs and identity and to high school students about budgeting and prioritizing spending. 
Crouch said she grew up in a non-political household and her parents instilled in her a set of principles that helped shape her political beliefs.
“I believe in God and our creator who has endowed us with inalienable rights and our Constitution that is not only a guide but a guarantee of our rights as Americans,” Crouch said. 
Mitchell said it is imperative to keep the statewide offices conservative.
She said the state treasurer’s office manages public funds and invests the funds, runs the Indiana Bond Bank and College Choice program. 
“I hope to work on raising awareness of Indiana’s fiscal literacy,” Mitchell said. 
She encouraged the community to vote.