38-Year-Old Accused Of Sex With Minor

A Warsaw man was arrested Wednesday morning for inappropriate sexual relations with a minor. 

Terry Lee Foreman, 38, of 502 W. Winona Ave., Warsaw, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail Wednesday for sexual misconduct with a minor over the age of 14 an under the age of 16, a level 4 felony. He is being held on an $15,250 bond.

According to the probable cause affidavit from the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, on June 12 a Warsaw Police Department officer met with a woman who advised she was notified of an alleged sexual relationship between Foreman and her teenage daughter. The alleged incident occurred sometime between June 10 and 11.

The woman advised that on June 9 Foreman contacted her wanting to know if the girl could go bowling with his family on June 10, and she gave him permission.  Foreman picked the girl up and she did not return home that day. The woman contacted Foreman the next day asking where the girl was and requested he bring her back home.
Foreman dropped the girl off a few houses away. When the girl arrived home, she had hickies on her neck.

Police spoke with the teen who told them she spent the night at Foreman’s residence, but did not want to sleep in the home, so she slept in Foreman’s van. In the early morning hours of June 11, she exited the van and joined Foreman walking his dog around the neighborhood. 

Foreman allegedly then took her to a wooded area off the railroad tracks where a tent was set up. The teenager further advised she and Foreman got inside the tent, laid down and began cuddling, kissing and fondling each other over their clothes. Foreman allegedly then put his hand down her pants and touched her genitals. She removed her pants and the two allegedly had sexual intercourse without a condom. 

The girl told police that Foreman was aware of her age and they discussed that they should not be having sex.

The responding officer took the victim to St. Joseph Sexual Assault Center in Fort Wayne for the collection of evidence and forensic interview. During the interview, the girl advised that Foreman allegedly performed oral sex on her and gave her the hickies. She gave a description of the items inside the tent and other items around the campsite. She advised the blankets in the tent were scratchy to her skin and they laid down on cushions.

Warsaw police were familiar with Foreman and aware he was homeless and where his campsite was located. Police went to the campsite, the same area described by the victim, and it appeared as if someone had packed it up in a hurry. Officers found a camouflage tarp, small bags of trash, a bare spot in the grass from where a tent was set up, some couch cushions and a dog bowl.

Officers attempted to locate Foreman and his van. An officer located a vehicle believed to be Foreman’s at the Marathon gas station in Warsaw. Police observed a white male exit the van and quickly turn south into the alley behind the gas station.  The officer then observed the male subject run back toward the area where the van was parked. When the officer arrived at the van, the male was gone. Officers determined the van belonged to Foreman and there was a dog inside the vehicle. 

Officers obtained a search warrant for the van and found three blankets and cushions. Two of the blankets were wool. Officers used a florescent light source to check for human fluids on the wool blankets and found three glowing locations. Samples were taken from the blankets and sent to the lab for testing. The cushions were the same type found at the campsite. Officers also found a pink clothing top that was identified as belonging to the female victim. 

The cushions found at the campsite were examined by officers with a florescent light source. On one of the cushions, officers found an area that fluoresced. Samples were taken from the cushion and sent to the lab for testing.