Warsaw Woman Faces Battery Charges Against Boyfriend’s Estranged Wife

A Warsaw woman was arrested Tuesday evening for two counts of battery, class A misdemeanors.

Jonahlyn Phaeth Quirk, 24, of 317 N. Lake St., Apt. 4, Warsaw, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail Tuesday. She is being held on an $600 bond.

According to the probable cause affidavit from the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, on July 22 an officer with the Warsaw Police Department was dispatched to 317 N. Lake St. in reference to a domestic disturbance. 

The responding officer spoke with a female victim who told him she and her husband were going to a concert in Central Park with their two children. The couple are separated, but not legally divorced.

The male subject wanted his girlfriend, identified as Quirk, to go to the park with them. He went upstairs to get her and his wife stayed at the bottom of the stairs. Quirk did not want her boyfriend’s estranged wife at their apartment, so she allegedly threw a plastic pipe at the victim, which ended up striking the victim’s daughter in the head. 
The girl was later checked by medics and had a small bump on her head from the impact of the pipe. 

Then, Quirk allegedly threw a guitar at the victim, striking her in the leg leaving a cut. Quirk then ran down the stairs and allegedly tried to bite the victim. 
The victim stated she and Quirk were hitting each other at the top of the stairs, and at some point both of them fell down the stairs. The victim had several visible injuries from the fight. 

Quirk told police in her statement that she was in her apartment with her boyfriend when the victim began knocking on their door. Quirk told her to leave and the victim refused. Quirk walked over to her neighbor’s apartment in the top floor of their building.

Shortly after, the neighbor phoned police when they allegedly witnessed Quirk attacking the victim at the bottom of the stairway. 

The victim’s husband grabbed and tried to restain Quirk and allegedly allowed his wife to repeatedly strike Quirk in the head. Quirk ran up the stairs where she was again restrained by the male subject and the female victim began allegedly kicking Quirk in the face. Quirk allegedly was thrown down the stairs and hit in the face by the victim several more times.

During the scuffle, a pipe fell from the balcony, striking one of the victim’s children in the head. 

According to police, Quirk was inconsistent with her verbal statement and her written statement. She originally told police no child was ever hit by a pipe, then told police she did not want to get in trouble and said the pipe incident may have happened. Quirk complained of head pain, but refused medical attention.

Officers spoke with the neighbor that phone in the incident. She stated she heard yelling and screaming, came outside and saw the two women rolling around, fighting at the bottom of the stairs. 

The victim’s husband told police he and his girlfriend picked up his estranged wife and children and brought them back to his apartment. He stated he and Quirk went upstairs, while the victim stayed downstairs. The two women allegedly began verbally arguing, then Quirk punched the victim in the face and bit her. He separated the two and Quirk picked up a pipe and threw it at the victim, but it hit one of the children. Quirk then picked up the guitar and threw it at the victim. He stated he only tried to separate the two women. 

Child Protective Services was notified of the incident due to a child being hit