LCB Enters Final Phase Of $21.7M Warsaw Campus, County Investment

The Lake City Bank People Development Center faces North Buffalo Street. It is one of several LCB buildings that make up the Downtown Lake City Bank campus. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.

Lake City Bank announced today that it has initiated the final phase of a $21.7 million multi-year capital investment program in its Downtown Warsaw Campus and Kosciusko County offices.

The $15.8 million Downtown Warsaw Campus project, which began in 2010, has included significant capital investment in every one of the buildings the bank occupies, according to a news release from LCB. The bank’s Warsaw Downtown Campus includes seven buildings and three surface-level parking facilities. Today, nearly 350 Lake City Bank team members work in downtown Warsaw.

Lake City Bank also operates four full-service offices within the city limits of Warsaw and 11 offices in Kosciusko County. Since 2010, each one of these offices has also been remodeled at a total investment of $5.9 million. These 11 offices employ 53 people.

“Lake City Bank is very proud of our commitment to our hometown,” said David M. Findlay, president and chief executive officer. “Warsaw has been our home since we were founded in 1872 and we have grown and invested in Warsaw and Kosciusko County continuously over the last 147 years.”

The bank’s Downtown Warsaw Campus includes the main office and holding company headquarters on Center Street; the People Development Center, home of Lake City University, and the Personal and Home Loans building, both on Buffalo Street; the bank’s operations center and the Lakeland Financial Building, both on Market Street; the bank’s drive-up facility on Center Street; and a major presence in the CenturyLink building on Center Street.

“With this $21.7 million capital investment in our Warsaw and Kosciusko County facilities, we have reaffirmed our commitment to the future. Every square foot of our Kosciusko County footprint will have been updated and upgraded. These upgrades have included investment in innovative and forward thinking technology platforms that will ensure that Lake City Bank remains at the forefront of technology. At the same time, we are investing in our brick and mortar presence because that’s where we serve our clients face-to-face every day, and both delivery channels are important for our success,” Findlay said. “It is critical that the Lake City Bank team have a productive, comfortable and technology-driven work environment and we have accomplished that with this capital investment program.”

“Our partnerships with corporate, not-for-profit and elected leaders in Kosciusko County have been exceptional over our entire 147 year history. We worked closely with the city of Warsaw on our Downtown Campus program, including the extensive improvement and beautification of our parking facilities. We appreciate the support that we received from Mayor (Joe) Thallemer, the city council and the city team,” Findlay said.

Lake City Bank, a $5 billion bank headquartered in Warsaw, is the fifth largest bank headquartered in the state, and the largest bank 100% invested in Indiana, according to the release. Lake City Bank operates 50 branch offices in northern and central Indiana, delivering technology-driven solutions in a client-centric way to individuals and businesses. The bank is the single bank subsidiary of Lakeland Financial Corporation (Nasdaq Global Select/LKFN).

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