Man steals car after showering and shaving at the residence

Suspect showered at the residence (canva, NNW)

Greenwood, Ind. (NNW) – A man robbed a home in Greenwood, Ind. The man identified as Maka O. Bautista (21) was seen earlier in the day going to neighborhood doors trying to sell “Versace” belts. Suspecting neighbors called the police, but the suspect was nowhere to be found when they arrived.

A couple of hours later, the Greenwood police were called out to Barcelona Drive, a nearby address where the suspect had been seen earlier selling the belts. The homeowners of the Wildwood address claimed their car had been stolen and the items within their home rummaged through.

The homeowners stated they did not lock the back patio door; police did not identify forced entry at the residence.

Upon further investigation, there was evidence of broken items and human hair leading to the bathroom. There was a hair trimmer and more hair in and around the sink in the bathroom. The shower walls were wet, as well as at least one towel. There was clothing left in one of the bedrooms which matched the description of the suspicious belt salesman. A cellphone belonging to the suspect was also found in the home.

Maka O. Bautista was later found along with the stolen vehicle in Shelby County, Ind. It reported that he had “a freshly-shaved head with patches of longer hair and some loose hair on his neck. Bautista was wearing the homeowner’s clothes.”

“In an interview, Bautista denied he is the man who was reportedly selling belts earlier on Sunday. He was asked how he gained possession of the SUV, and he told police a friend had let him drive it that day. However, the report says the homeowners denied permitting him to drive the SUV.

During the interview, Bautista asked why he was in trouble for taking a shower. However, the police had not asked him about taking a shower. They then asked him where he took a shower, but he could not answer, the report says.” (Noah Crenshaw, Daily Journal).

The interview ended after Bautista asked for a lawyer, the report says.

Bautista was booked into Johnson County Jail with burglary and auto theft charges.