Biden plans to speak to manufacturers and retailers on baby formula shortage

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Warsaw Ind. (NNW) — A quick search on local stores like Kroger or Walmart shows the demand for baby formula, with baby formula products being limited to four and some marked as unavailable.

A local Warsaw man states how he went to buy formula, noticed the price went up, and was rather shocked.

Between supply chain disruptions and a safety recall, President Joe Biden intends to speak with formula manufacturers and retailers Thursday about families affected and struggling to find baby formula.

Josh Boak (AP) writes, “White House assistant press secretary Kevin Munoz said on Twitter that the administration would also announce “additional actions” to address the formula shortage.”

Karen Campbell (WTHR) says, “Part of the problem stems from an Abbott Nutrition recall in mid-February for Similac and other formulas made in Michigan.”

Community Health Networks, Dr. John Kunzer advises that parents remain with the same “type” of formula they are currently using, but it’s okay to switch brands if necessary.

This week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the FDA was “working around the clock to address any possible shortages.”

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