Zoners OK Plan to Move Lot Lines for Winona PVD

Before reviewing draft definitions for the Warsaw zoning ordinance, the Plan Commission approved a final plat for the Busz southern subdivision and a preliminary and final replat for West Hill 2nd.
City Planner Jeremy Skinner said the changes to the Busz plat requested at the January Plan Commission meeting were made. They include adding snow and stormwater easements to the plat.
“The applicant did put those on the plat,” Skinner said. “… My recommendation would be to approve the final plat,” which the board did.
At the January meeting, the Plan Commission gave DeWayne Busz approval for his preliminary plat at 658 S. Buffalo St. The plat creates four new lots from the original 4.94 acres.
The West Hill 2nd replat is at CR 300N and Silveus Crossing.
“You have an application before you from West Hill to basically move the lot line on lots 1, 2 and 3 from the original West Hill plat. As is typical with most industrial parks, you don’t necessarily know what you’re going to get into or what you’re going to need at the time, so you take a pretty good guess at what those lots will be. As companies purchase lots, grow and expand, you’re going to have some movement of those lot lines. But the subdivision itself meets the requirements in terms of the lot sizes,” Skinner reported.
He said they will meet the setbacks and other requirements per the zoning ordinance. He recommended the Plan Commission approve the request, noting that this probably wouldn’t be the last time the Plan Commission saw the lots before them.
Skinner said lot 1 is the property being developed by Winona PVD. It started out with 100,000 square feet but is now adding 80,000 square feet to the building for the expansion of its manufacturing facility.
The Plan Commission unanimously approved the request.
In final business, Assistant Planner Tim Dombrosky presented the Plan Commission with draft definitions.
The changes include a definition of “housekeeping unit” instead of “family.” A housekeeping unit under the proposed definition would be “all persons living together in one residence sharing cooking, sleeping and/or bathroom facilities.
There’s also new definitions for bed and breakfast, boardinghouse, hotel, lodginghouse, motel, residence, apartment, residential building, residential facility and group housing.
Under residential building, there are definitions for single residence, multiple residence, duplex residence, multiple unit residence and accessory residence.
No action was taken on the definitions as they are in a work in progress.

(Story By The Times Union)