Warsaw Library Gets New Logo

Warsaw Community Public Library Board of Trustees approved revisions to the library’s logo Monday afternoon.

Assistant Director Joni Brookins told the board, “We’ve updated our library logo. We hired Eric Keims, who used to be our graphics assistant, because we knew when we got the new (LED) sign (the old logo) was not going to show up very well. Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that nothing we do will probably show up because it’s so detailed. But we have simplified it a lot.”

Brookins, along with Administrative Assistant Robin Fosnaugh, worked with Keims for a few weeks on the revised logo.

Brookins said the new version is “really close” to the old one, but the tree trunk in the logo was shortened so the logo became more circular.

“It makes it easier to use in some situations where it was so vertical before it made it difficult to put on some things,” she said, noting now they can put in on more things and place the library’s phone number or address beside it easier. “He also took a lot of the leaves out so that it’s simplified and not so busy, so crowded,” Brookins said.

The lettering of the library’s name also was changed to blue to stand out more in the logo. Keim also provided the library with white-on-black versions of the new logo and copies of the old logo so it can use it if they want to, Brookins said. “They all very much relate to each other,” she said.

A three-color logo was provided for situations where a four-color logo might cost too much to use.

Brookins said Fosnaugh hasn’t put the revised logo up on the new LED signs yet.“We just all really like the shortened, more circular tree (logo),” Brookins concluded.

The board unanimously approved the revised logo.

(Story By The Times Union)