A dozen Purdue students face possible expulsion following weekend parties

(Logo supplied/Purdue University)

At least 12 students at Purdue University could be expelled after the university says several large gatherings were reported over the weekend, including an apartment party that more than 100 people attended.

The school says “COVID fatigue” and warming weather appear to be contributing to off-campus parties. Two parties in particular “drew attention online and in local media,” Purdue said on Monday.

The first was a party with an estimated 125 people inside a 750-square-foot apartment. At least 12 students face disciplinary actions ranging from probation to expulsion in that incident. Three of those students had previous disciplinary action for disregarding the Protect Purdue Pledge. If they are found responsible in the gathering, they could face expulsion, Purdue said.

The Protect Purdue Pledge is a “comprehensive plan to keep our campus and our community safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19,” according to the university’s website.

The second party was held outdoors at an apartment complex and photos of the gathering appear to show violations of the pledge, including lack of social distancing and face coverings, as well as violating the county’s event attendance regulations. Disciplinary action could be taken in that incident and others held over the weekend, pending an investigation into violations.

In February, the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was put on “immediate cease and desist,” suspending all of the organization’s activities until further notice, after the university said the fraternity held a Jan. 30 basketball watch party. The fraternity was identified by Purdue as “an organization with growing or ongoing compliance concerns.”