Alley project expenditures approved by Warsaw Public Works and Safety

After accepting the funding for the alley activation project, the Warsaw Board of Public Works and Safety approved the expenditure of some of those funds for paving and decorative inlays.

The alley – located between city hall to the north and two businesses to the south – extends about 130 feet and stretches from South Buffalo Street to an intersecting alley to the west. Proposed improvements include seating areas, bike racks, plants, public Wi-Fi, lighting, artwork on the facade and an asphalt walkway including a decorative inlay pattern.

Assistant City Planner Justin Taylor asked the Board of Works to accept the $56,504 raised for the alley project at in pursuit of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s Creating Places grant. He also requested the board accept the IHCDA grant for $50,000, giving the alley project a total of $106,504.

Mayor Joe Thallemer said the IHCDA matching grant was capped at $50,000. After the agreement was approved by the board to accept the funds, Thallemer told Taylor, “Thanks, Justin. You did a marvelous job on that project to get it to where it is now. I very much appreciate the work the planning department did on that, so thank you very much.”

Later in the meeting, Taylor presented a proposal for redoing the asphalt in the alley from Phend & Brown for $12,320. The second proposal was for decorative inlay in the alley by Globe Asphalt Paving, Indianapolis, for $10,631.

The board approved both proposals, with the funds coming from the donations and IHCDA.