Another COVID recovery in Kosciusko County, KCHD issues public survey

The Kosciusko County Health Department announced today that another recovery from COVID-19 was reported, bringing the county’s total up to 11. Tuesday was also the sixth straight day that officials did not report a new COVID case, keeping the total at 22.

The health department also released a public survey that will be used to get an idea of how many residents may have contracted the virus in previous months and to see if the virus has been circulating the community. The survey will also show the department how many people are being turned away from testing.

You can take the survey here.

Epidemiologist Nichole LaLonde said the department has been getting mixed responses regarding testing. “We hear of facilities testing regularly yet we hear the community stating they or someone they know is being turned away. This will help us determine if our county is sufficiently testing and how we may be able to accommodate more tests.”

LaLonde also mentioned that the responses given in the survey will not give the department “definitive” answers and shouldn’t be taken as a diagnosis or confirmation of any kind.

“The Health Department has no control over who gets tested or how many get tested, but with better insight, we may be able to work to accommodate facilities in Kosciusko County to encourage more/better testing.”