Another Stay-at-home order would not be out of the question says Holcomb

Governor Eric Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS (Network Indiana) — Governor Eric Holcomb said he would consider another stay at home order if the data concerning the coronavirus says it would be prudent. Holcomb also said he believes the pushback on the statewide mask mandate is a natural reaction to being told what to do.

“Until we get to the day where we have a lot of therapeutics and a vaccine that’s effective, we’re gonna have to do the things that responsibly contain this,” Holcomb told WISH-TV host Phil Sanchez, on Sunday “All Indiana Politics”.

Holcomb said he makes decisions based on data and had originally hoped Indiana would be in Stage 5 of the Back on Track plan by July.

Instead, Stage 5 began just two weeks ago.

“Well, maybe it was wishful thinking and we were leaning to do everything we could. But, you don’t control this virus.”

Holcomb’s Democratic opponent in the Nov. 3, election, Dr. Woody Myers, has said he would be willing to shut the state down again. Holcomb said essentially the same.

“If the numbers dictate it, then we would have to. You wouldn’t take anything off the table if the numbers dictate it,” he said.

Responding to a question about the mask mandate, Holcomb said he believes there is fatigue over wearing masks in Indiana, but said it’s also all over the world.

“So, that’s just a natural kind of reaction to, what would I have to do,” he said. “And, we know it’s transmitted through the air and so, how do we reduce those odds?”

Holcomb stressed physical distancing and masks and not gathering in large groups.