Bids for Kosciusko County Tower Project opened on Tuesday

Kosciusko County Courthouse. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Bids for the public safety communications project were opened Tuesday at the Kosciusko County commissioners meeting.

Terry Burnworth, Pyramid Consulting, will review the bids and make his recommendations to the commissioners at their 9 a.m. Dec. 22 meeting.

He said the bids were for excavation, concrete and electrical work and furniture and flooring for the project.

The bids were from: Grand River Construction, Hudsonville, Mich., for concrete work, $337,000, with the alternate for two broadband towers at $124,000; Ransbottom Excavating, Claypool, for excavation work, $56,954, with an alternate for $24,456; Martell Electric, South Bend, electric work, $295,000, with a bid for the broadband components at $43,000; D & D Electric, Etna Green, on electrical work, $255,429, with an alternate for $30,932; MPX Solutions, Anderson, concrete, $172,237, with an alternate for $61,838; Robinson Construction, Warsaw, concrete work, $307,837, with an alternate at $69,102; Everest Excavating, Warsaw, on excavation work, $96,000, with an alternate at $35,000; Cobalt Silver, Winchester, concrete bid at $155,035, excavation bid at $134,848 and fencing bid at $82,140; LDP Excavating, Warsaw, excavation work bid at $204,000 with an alternate at $45,000; Infra Critical Facilities Engineering & Consulting, Noblesville, electrical work, $256,153, with an alternate at $31,558; Dispatch Products, Angola, furniture, $99,912; Watson Consoles, Poulsbo, Wash., furniture, $82,760.

Burnworth asked the commissioners for the bids to be taken under advisement with recommendations made at their next meeting. The commissioners unanimously approved the request.

Later in the meeting, county attorney Chad Miner presented an agreement for the purchase of real estate. The property will be for the north tower.

“I’ve drawn up the agreement and I think it’s ready for your signature today, and then we’ll try to get it scheduled before the end of this year. It kind of depends on how fast the title company can do their end of it,” Miner said.

The agreement is with Fisher Farms Rental LLC for $27,475. The property is right off North CR 400E in Syracuse.

Kosciusko Area Bus Service (KABS) General Manager Tony Peterson asked the commissioners for their approval for the 2021 vehicle agreement with the Indiana Department of Transportation.

He said the agreement is effective from Jan. 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

“The vehicle agreement is completely covered by federal and state funds this year, which means we won’t need a local match for the 20%,” Peterson said.

The agreement is for two medium transit buses for $119,000, with $95,200 of that coming from federal funds and $23,800 from state funds.

The commissioners unanimously approved the agreement as requested.

Commissioner Brad Jackson said, “I like the no local match.”

Peterson agreed but said it probably won’t happen next year.

County Administrator Marsha McSherry said the county was awarded a second round of “COVID dollars from the coronavirus relief fund.” She said that amount was 10% of the first round, which was $257,422. “This is for financially supporting the public awareness, education and compliance with these requirements,” she said.

McSherry said she spoke with County Health Administrator Bob Weaver and he has one person who qualifies so the county can get salary reimbursement for that person.

“We need to approve this in a public meeting and then we will send this salary for that person by Dec. 30,” she said.

Jackson said it’s a “no-brainer” and the commissioners unanimously approved it.

McSherry then presented a quote from Clint Davis Construction for work in the old courtroom in the county courthouse. She said it’s for shelving, a wooden balance for the projector screen related to the video conferencing livestreaming project while keeping the historic look of the old courtroom. Cost is $9,726.51, which the commissioners approved.

“Those cases will be very labor-intensive to be able to match the woodwork in here (old courtroom),” McSherry said.

Highway Superintendent Steve Moriarty reminded the commissioners that on Dec. 8 they opened the quotes for a sign truck for a chassis and body. There were six quotes for the chassis and two for the body. He recommended the commissioners accept his recommendations of Sorg Dodge for the chassis for $47,792 and W.A. Jones for the body at $97,982. The commissioners approved his recommendation.