Bike Fest results announced

Winners in the toddler division were (from left) Chase Fritz, Vybz Silva and Micah Bougie. Photo provided.
News Release

Below are the results from the 2023 Fat & Skinny Bike Fest:

Kids Categories:
Age 10-12
1. Zack Hauck
2. Jackson Cole
3. Cooper Whetstone
Age 8-9
1. Callie Vasquez
2. Calvin Silveus
3. Kinsley Filler
Age 6-7
1. Enzo Cole
2. Ezra Lock
3. Asher Annen
Age 4-5
1. Crew Valentine
2. Jade Waterland
3. Finley Pixton
Balance Bikes & Training Wheels
1. Chase Fritz
2. Vybz Silva
3. Micah Bougie

Ortho Cup:
1st – Warsaw Community Church
a. Eli Demopoulos
b. Eva Demopoulos
c. Noel Wiebe
d. Tim Devlin
2nd – Ignite Orthopedics
a. Lauren Cunningham
b. Alec Cunningham
c. Brian Hodorek
d. Russ Parrott
3rd – Lutheran Kosciusko Hospital
a. Jason Zaugg
b. Mathis Miller
c. Matt Hauck
d. Lesley Rohrbaugh

Winners of the Ortho Cup were from Warsaw Community Church. From left are Eli Demopoulos, Eva Demopoulos, Noel Wiebe and Tim Devlin. Photo provided.