Board Of Aviation Meeting

The Times Union reports that at Tuesday’s meeting, the Board of Aviation Commissioners discussed allowing the purchase of several T-hangars by a single buyer that are currently owned by the airport. While Board President Jay Rigdon said the board has wanted to get out of the hangar-owning business, the T-hangers in question are currently rented out to other flyers and there is also a waiting list to occupy them after current leasers vacate. The prospective purchaser would be using the hangars for personal space and would also lease additional space to other flyers. The board ended the discussion by suggesting the issue be placed on next month’s agenda for additional consideration after more research into the sale of the hangars had been conducted. The board also discussed getting fuel tank and trucks clean to rid them of sediment, though the sediment has not caused any damage to aircrafts. Additionally, the board voted to allow a local chemical vegetation control company to conduct selective brush removal along a northern fence to prevent damage to the fence and to prevent deer and other wildlife from entering onto airport property. Next month’s meeting, July 8, has been rescheduled for July 22 at 5:15 in the airport terminal.