Bus Service Names New General Manager

Rob Cunningham has been chosen as the new general manager of the Kosciusko Area Bus Service.
Cunningham, who holds an accounting degree from Ball State University, said it’s his first time in the not-for-profit sector after working as a division manager for Elixir Industries for 13 years. And though Elixir made products for the RV and cargo industries, he said it’s also his first time working directly in transportation.
“It’s quite different for me,” he said Tuesday. “It feels good to help people who have disabilities and challenges in life, and I’m finally in a financial position to be able to do that.”
KABS was created as a division of Cardinal Services in 1981. It provides transportation for lower-income residents and those with disabilities so they can attend doctor appointments, buy groceries and get to work. Cunningham said its mission is to be reliable, affordable and accessible for those who need it.
At almost 4,000 rides a month, KABS provides about 45,000 trips every year – the majority for employment, followed by medical needs, shopping and education, according to former General Manager Kevin Planck. More than half of the riders have a physical condition that prevents them from driving, and 67 percent consider KABS their primary mode of transportation, Planck has said.
Planck departed last month to take a job in Marion, where he has relocated. Cunningham has been in his new position for about a week, and his hiring was confirmed by the Kosciusko County Commissioners Tuesday.
Cunningham said he has no immediate plans to change anything, noting that KABS is already smoothly run.
“It’s a very well-run organization and I just want to maintain that,” he said, “and hopefully make some improvements if I find any things that need it.”

(Story By The Times Union)