Census workers heading door-to-door for responses

2020 US Census application. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Census workers are going door to door in Indiana and if you haven’t responded to the Census yet, you’re being asked to talk with the census takers.

“Census workers started going door to door July 30,” said Jeanine Beasley, a representative of the U.S. Census Bureau for Indiana. “If they have a census taker at their door, we’re asking them to allow census workers to interview them.”

Beasley said you will be asked nine simple questions.

She said taking the census during a pandemic does mean the employees will be extra careful.

“Our census workers will adhere to local CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees, as well as the public,” she said. “They will stand six ft. at a minimum from our residents.”

Beasley said if you are visited and you’re not home, you’ll find a card asking you to respond online or by phone.

“Our goal is to continue data collection, that is visited homes and making sure everyone is counted, by Sept. 30.”

She said the response rate in Indiana is above average, at about 68.6 percent. The national response rate is 64.5 percent.

According to the Census website, Kosciusko County’s response rate is only 60.8 percent. Neighboring Whitley County is well above the state average at 76.1 percent.