Center Lake Pavilion renovation contract approved at Friday Board of Works meeting

The Elks Lodge will host a community Thanksgiving again this year at Center Lake Pavilion, Warsaw. (Dan Spalding/Times-Union)

Center Lake Pavilion will be undergoing a face lift this year.

The Warsaw Board of Works approved a contract from Design Collaborative in Fort Wayne for $135,000 for renovations. The contract includes costs for a schematic design, which has already been completed, design development, construction documents and the bidding/construction administration.

Mayor Joe Thallemer said that it will be the first major renovation of the building since the mid 1990s. The renovations will include office space for the parks department and possibly an open window on the north end of the building for a wide open view of Center Lake.

Some work is expected to start late April. Officials say the overall goal for the project is to improve, upgrade and expand the existing pavilion.