City of Warsaw: Grass, vegetation, or weeds over 9 inches must be mowed

(" here's that bit I was looking for" by jeffreyw, CC by 2.0)

If you haven’t mowed your lawn yet this season, you may want to make that a priority.

The City of Warsaw can issue citations if a property has an environmental nuisance. That means overgrown weeds, grass, or vegetation could cost you.

If those things haven’t been cut, mowed or removed and exceed nine inches in length, the city will notify you of the nuisance.

Should you not correct it, they will remove the nuisance themselves and have the property owner pay the cost.

It’s also important to make sure properties are free from garbage and that no partially demolished buildings are left up. The city can also remove these items at your cost, considered a general nuisance.

For any additional information you need about this Warsaw municipal code, you can find it on the City of Warsaw website.