City Performing Traffic Studies within Warsaw School Zones

("School Sign" by inspirekelly, CC BY 2.0)

Traffic Administrator Steve Foster said that traffic studies are continuing in the school zones throughout Warsaw. This was brought up during Wednesday’s Traffic Safety Commission.

Warsaw Police Captain Joel Beam made mention that the timing is off in the school zone lights along State Road 15 and aren’t going off during times that kids are walking to school. He mentioned that the city is working with the state to get that corrected and they are “getting closer.”

Warsaw Street Superintendent Jeff Beeler was also questioned about proposed upgrades to school zone signs along Husky Trail at Harrison Elementary School, which were talked about at the August meeting, but had no new updates and that he and the school need to get a meeting going.

The costs of the signs were $13,000-$16,000 and they would need to get engineered first before they would be put up, and that could take five to six weeks.

These are two models being considered to be put outside of Harrison Elementary School.