City Stormwater Utility Takes Lakes, Stream Education To Kids

The city of Warsaw’s Stormwater Utility has been working with local elementary classes on stormwater and pollution.
For the past few years, the utility has sponsored six classrooms for the Center for Lakes and Streams Lake Experience program, which focuses on bringing lake and stream education to local kindergarten to 12th-grade classrooms.
Ryan Workman, the coordinator for the city’s Stormwater Utility, recognized a need for more involvement with local education programs.
“Outreach and personal investment is a necessity for strong education, regardless of the material,” explained Workman.
Increased partnership with the Center for Lakes and Streams is one way in which the utility is making an effort to improve outreach and education.
In collaboration with the Center for Lakes and Streams, the city utility visited local elementary classrooms. Most recently, on Feb. 27, Workman visited four elementary classes at Washington STEM Academy to talk about stormwater education.
Several teachers from Washington STEM, including Gary Hawblitzel, Christine Coon, Christi Overman and David Burden, collaborated and shared, “The relationship Washington has with the Center for Lakes and Streams has always been strong as our missions align around Kosciusko County lakes and streams. Opportunities to hear from experts are extremely valuable for students to further understand human impact on water quality and how we can be better stewards in our community. We are always developing our craft in education and our partnership with the center has allowed us to grow as they continue to expand their curriculum offerings.”
Workman expects this program will only gain more momentum and participating classrooms.
Caitlin Yoder, education coordinator for the Center for Lakes and Streams, added, “Continued partnership with local organizations and groups, like the city of Warsaw Stormwater Utility, helps us to expand our educational programs and teach more students and community members about keeping our lakes clean and healthy.”
For more information or involvement in this program, visit to learn more about the Center for Lakes and Streams.