City of Warsaw launches new website

The City of Warsaw unveiled a new website Friday at  The most noticeable difference is a new look and mobile-friendly design.  However, there are other important improvements for citizens, as well.

The new website has been redesigned to make the experience more citizen-focused and citizen-friendly.  A search bar is located front and center, allowing citizens to search using keywords.  Navigation menus have also been redesigned in a more ‘common sense’ way to make it easier to locate information.   Citizens no longer need to understand the City’s departmental structure to find what they are looking for.

“Our old website was organized the same way our government offices are.  While the structure made sense to us internally, it was difficult for citizens to follow.  The new website doesn’t require citizens to understand our government structure at all.  The old site was also antiquated for today’s mobile world.  More than fifty percent of our visitors are on mobile devices, and the new website will be just as responsive on a phone as it is on a desktop computer.  We hope that this makes the website a more useful and relevant tool for citizens to engage with the City,” explains Assistant to the Mayor and website administrator Staci Young.

Citizens will still find relevant information and news, forms and applications, calendars for city meetings and Parks and Recreation Department events, job opportunities, meeting minutes and agendas, and more.  Many areas of the website allow citizens to sign up for text or email notifications for the things that matter most to them.  The Report a Concern tool is also still available, allowing citizens to submit requests and concerns through a work-order-style system that are routed to the appropriate employees to be handled.  There is also easy one-click or one-tap access to the Wastewater Collections online payment portal to pay wastewater bills.

“We are excited about the new look of the website, as well.  The City engages with companies looking to relocate here, individuals looking to bring families and job skills here, and others just looking to visit the community as tourists.  Our website’s design should reflect the vibrant and progressive community that we are,” shared Young.

Additional services, information, and tools will be added in the future.

For questions or feedback regarding the new website, citizens may contact Young in the Mayor’s Office at (574) 372-9595 or