County Assessor’s office looking to purchase vehicle

County Assessor Susan Engelberth (at podium, left) speaks to the County Commissioners at their September 1st meeting. At the table, County Attorney Chad Miner (far center), County Administrator Marsha McSherry (near center), County Commissioner Bob Conley (far right), Commissioner Brad Jackson (middle right), Commissioner Cary Groninger (near right). (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

The Kosciusko County Assessor’s Office will be looking to purchase a vehicle.

County Assessor Susan Engelberth was requesting permission to purchase the vehicle, saying that it would help with the numerous field visits the office performs each year.

She noted in 2019 alone, her office performed 3,228 field visits, which included annual visits to 72 mobile home parks or campgrounds.

The Assessor’s Office currently uses rental vehicles for the visits, which has concerned some residents in the county. Engelberth said the concern stems from the vehicles that they use, which typically have out of state plates and people question them more when they see that.

She also mentioned the need for a vehicle that can get through rough terrain and snow, as they have had issues in the past with low vehicles getting stuck.

While her initial request was not approved, the commissioners told Engelberth to get together with Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Shane Bucher to help get a plan together and come back to a future meeting with those plans.