County Redevelopment Commission To Retain Attorney

Kosciusko County Redevelopment Commission approved a motion Monday to retaining an attorney since it is County Auditor Michelle Puckett’s last year in her position.

Commission member Joni Truex said Puckett has provided the Commission a lot of knowledge on tax increment finance (TIF) districts.

Due to Puckett leaving her position because of term limits, Truex said it would be good for the Commission to look into retaining an attorney for the purpose of answering any questions the Commission might have in regards to TIFs. She said Baker Tilly is a fantastic resource, but believes there are local attorneys that are versed in TIF districts that could help the Commission in “doing what is right” for the taxpayers.

Commission member Doug Hanes asked if Truex had any attorney in mind. Truex said she did, but he hasn’t been approached yet and he has a lot of experience dealing with the Commission.

The Commission approved approaching the specific attorney to see if he was interested and discussing their decision during their March 10 meeting.

Hanes asked if there were specific protocol when dealing with putting an attorney on retainer. Puckett said it just has to be an attorney the Commission is comfortable with.

In other business, the Commission:

• Took the oath of office.

• Voted for Truex to be president, Jan Orban to be vice president and Hanes as secretary for 2022.

• Stated the next quarterly meeting was at 1:30 p.m. March 10.