Court rejects appeal of Alyssa Shepherd, prison term stands

("My Trusty Gavel" by Brian Turner, CC BY 2.0)

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of the Fulton County woman who hit four children with a pickup truck as they waited for their school bus in the fall of 2018.

The court rejected her claim that she had not been proven reckless beyond a reasonable doubt. That means Alyssa Shepherd’s sentence, ten years in all, will stand. Shepherd, from Rochester, was convicted last year on three counts of reckless homicide and other charges.

Nine-year-old Alivia Stahl and her six-year-old twin brothers, Mason and Xzavier Ingle had crossed State Road 25 to board their bus when they were hit. Eleven-year-old Maverick Lowe was severely injured from the crash.

According to Indiana Department of Correction records, Shepherd is serving her sentence at the Rockville Correctional Facility with an earliest possible release date of Sept. 17, 2022.