COVID recoveries in Kosciusko County hit double digits

Donut chart breaking down COVID cases that have recovered, are still sick or have passed. (Data provided by Kosciusko County Health Department)

The Kosciusko County Health Department announced another recovery from COVID-19 today, bringing the county total up to 10.

In their Friday update, no new cases were reported to keep the county total at 22.

The total number of tests reported is up to 346.

Officials remind the public that reports are dated to the date the test result was received by the Kosciusko County Health Department, not when the individual was tested.

As of April 17th:

  • 50% of positive cases are female
  • 50% of positive cases are male
  • 45% of positive cases are under the age of 50
  • 68% of positive cases have underlying conditions
  • 27% of positive cases have experienced┬áloss of taste and/or smell