Curtis Hill defense fund to be announced Monday

Supporters of Fairness for Curtis Hill are set to announce a legal defense fund Monday for the Indiana Attorney General.

Hill has been under fire for sexual misconduct allegations.

A press release says the fund is meant to ensure Hill is treated fairly regarding the recent accusations against him.

“Fairness for Curtis Hill believes that all persons accused of misconduct must have his or her rights protected,” a statement from the group reads. “Vital to fairness is a person’s right to a presumption of innocence; to know the specific claims against them and the parties involved; and to have their account of the event given due process. Finally, any investigation and adjudication of those accusations must be done impartially, and without prejudgment, by persons and agencies with legal authority to do so. Unfortunately, to date, Attorney General Curtis Hill has not been accorded any of these well-established and fundamental rights.”

Four women have claimed Hill groped them at an Indianapolis bar in March.

Hill has denied the allegations.