Danny’s Chicago Beef Falls Victim To Labor, Price Challenges

Danny’s Chicago Beef, 2601 E. Center St., Warsaw, will be closing its doors.

According to owner Danny Signore, the goal is to keep the restaurant open long enough for its eight employees to find other jobs.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the closure is “due to various factors beyond our control — ranging from labor shortages in an overly competitive job market, to ever-increasing food costs — we’ve found ourselves in a predicament where the only reasonable path forward at this time is unfortunately to close our doors.”

Signore said with food costs rising, there’s only so much the restaurant can raise prices for things like hot dogs.

“So much hard work and dedication was poured into the creation of this restaurant, but none of that compares to the undying friendship and support we continue to receive from our community,” the Facebook post said. “We’re also beyond grateful for our incredible staff. And for that reason, we’ll support them first and foremost by keeping the restaurant open until each individual is able to find suitable employment elsewhere.”

Signore said everyone’s looking for new workers, so he doesn’t expect his workers to have much trouble finding new jobs. He is also the owner of Barbee Hotel. He said while half of his employees at Danny’s are high school students and there’s a bar at the Barbee Hotel, he is open to the idea of employees from Danny’s transitioning to the Barbee Hotel if they are interested.

Danny’s Chicago Beef will be open today from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Signore said the restaurant may be closed Monday and Tuesday to regroup. A new schedule may be implemented after that.

The restaurant wil post updates and new hours of operation on its Facebook page.