Distance Learning: Helpful Links and Info on Your First Day in Whitko

The Whitko School District sent out an e-mail this morning to help parents and students with the distance/eLearning days set up through Spring Break. If you did not happen to receive that e-mail, here is what it included!

Good Morning Wildcats! 

We’ve put together some helpful information for you in this email. Here are just a few helpful things to remember as you start your first distance learning day at home: 

1. A brief infographic to help keep track of your Distance Learning Schedule: (see above)

2. Visit a couple of helpful web links to assist some of your most common FAQ’s during Distance Learning: 

3. Keep this email address close by if you need assistance: Support@Whitko.org

4. Free Wifi:

  • We are currently on schedule to have Free Wifi up and available to all families by Thursday this week. 

  • In the meantime, our buildings are offering free Wifi that can be accessed from the comfort of your car in the parking lots

  • Once we have Wifi Bus Hot Spot locations designated we plan to share that also on a map

  • The reason for the delay:

    • We have overnighted these wireless units

    • Our Tech Director, Jason Cline, is working around the clock to make sure the Wifi is up to the standards and safety for all Whitko students

5. There is still time to sign up for free meals:

  • As many of you are aware from our previous statements, we are providing free meals to any student at Whitko Community Schools 

  • We will Deliver those meals to any student who is regularly picked up or dropped off by bus and all students living within the district that do not ride the bus.   

  • All other families who live outside of the district and do not have bus service from their residence will need to contact the transportation department to make arrangements to pick up their meals.

  • Tomorrow will be the cut-off date for our online reservations for Free Meals at noon. 

  • Anyone who cannot access the website, please call and we will fill out the online form for you over the phone. 

  • After tomorrow at noon, if you require meal assistance, you must contact the Transportation Dept. (260-723-4619) 

  • Website: Whitko.org/FreeMeals

As always, thanks for being a Wildcat, and have a great day!