Warsaw city buildings, facilities to close through late April

As seen on their live stream Monday night, Warsaw city officials, along with media, are exercising social distancing during the regular common council meeting.

Warsaw city buildings will be closing for six weeks starting on Wednesday.

At Monday’s common council meeting, Mayor Joe Thallemer announced that all city facilities, including city hall, street department, parks and recreation building, and others will be closed through April 29th in an effort to slow to spread of the coronavirus.

Also announced was a non-essential travel ban for city employees. Employees will also be asked to do all essential meetings over the phone or virtual means, however meetings with ten or less people can still be held in person if need be. All non-essential meetings will be asked to be postponed or done over the phone.

Other announcements made included the cancellation of parks and recreation activities and any space that was rented will be canceled for the time. Thallemer said that policies will be revisited and adjusted as needed as time goes on.