Domestic abuse call leads to meth-related arrest in Starke County

A call about a domestic dispute in Starke County resulted in charges against both people involed.

Starke County Sheriff’s deputies got the call on Monday, Sept. 4, from a woman who said her boyfriend struck her in the midst of an argument while they were traveling on Toto Road.

Once officers caught up to the vehicle, they placed the boyfriend, Donald Fletcher, 49, of Knox, under arrest.

The woman, Kaylee Patterson, 21, of Knox, was treated for a facial injury, but while police were talking to her, they say they noticed signed of impairment.

Investigators say she allowed them to conduct a search and was arrested after deputies found two baggies with a white powdery substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

The couple’s 18-month-old child, who was riding in the vehicle at the time, was taken in by Child Protective Services.