Donations Sought To Help Mission To Mentone Help Homeowners With Repairs

MENTONE – Mission to Mentone is a program that helps homeowners with work they may not be able to do themselves.

United Way used to have a Day of Caring where volunteers would help people with their homes around Mentone, Town Councilman Tim Croy said.

“Well, they sort of got away from doing that,” Croy said.

First Baptist Church then started up what they called Mission to Mentone, because “they thought we’d do like our own Day of Caring,” Croy said. First Baptist Church later quit doing it.

Then Harrison Center Church took over doing Mission to Mentone. The church reached out to Croy six years ago because he’s been involved in the community for 20-plus, as he used to be EMS and is on the Mentone Town Council, Mentone Fire Department Board and Mentone Chamber of Commerce Board.

“So I know the people and I know the needs of people, whether they ask for it or not. I know there’s needs out there,” Croy said.

He says he kind of “sneaks around in the shadows per se” and finds things Mission to Mentone can do for people that can’t necessarily do it themselves, physically, financially or a combination of both. He said people that are helped have to specifically be homeowners as Mission to Mentone won’t do work on rentals. Things Mission to Mentone has done for people in the past include yard work and fixing a porch roof.

Over the years, Mission to Mentone has done about 15 jobs in the town, Croy guessed.

Croy says he reaches out for volunteers, who come from the Mentone United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and Harrison Center Church. Also, some people that work for local contractors will come in and volunteer their time on some projects.

There is no cost to the homeowners. Croy said Mission to Mentone gets help from BuildersMart in Warsaw, Menards and other organizations. BuildersMart donated shingles for one job Mission to Mentone did.

The biggest issue Mission to Mentone has is getting funds because, according to Croy, lumber yards will sell them materials discounted or at their cost.

Right now, Harrison Center Church takes care of the donations, but Croy said this year, they asked if Croy could help with that aspect. If someone wants to donate, people can make checks out to Mission to Mentone, P.O. Box 268, Mentone, IN 46539.

People can also contact Croy at 574-551-7662 for donations or if they would like to volunteer.

Donations go directly to cover costs of materials. For things like yard work, it doesn’t necessarily take money, but projects like fixing a leaky roof do. Croy said there are people in Mentone that may not be able to physically help but donate money to Mission to Mentone.

Mission to Mentone had to put off one house that has a bad roof and they’re hoping to get it done in the spring. Croy said they’ve been working with the homeowners for about three years before they were able to come in and get the roof done.

“We’re just trying to go out and share God’s love with the people we’re trying to help and say, ‘You’re one God’s children, just like we are. We’re here to help you,’” he said.