Downtown South Bend signs tell people not to give to panhandlers

Signs in downtown South Bend are urging people not to give their spare change to the homeless. The signs read “Do Not Give to Panhandlers”.

They were put there by DTSB in hopes of limiting the amount of panhandlers in the city by having people donate directly to homeless service providers, according to our news partners at WNDU.

There is a link at the bottom of the sign, which allows people to give to a list of homeless service providers instead of directly to panhandlers.

DTSB Executive Director Jill Scicchitano tells WNDU the message is what’s important.


“If people feel the need to give, they have the option to give any way they want but we do have some great organizations and opportunities for them to give to people that are focused on those long-term solutions to help these individuals,” she explains.



According to Scicchitano, the signs will only be located in downtown for now but could have the potential to expand throughout the city.