Driver Of Car Found In Center Lake Had Been Drinking

According to The Times Union, the woman who drove her vehicle into Center Lake Wednesday morning had been drinking, according to a Warsaw Police Department report. The report stated 20 year old Ava Donovan of Warsaw told police she had barely slept in two days and was driving around downtown Warsaw in the early morning hours Wednesday. Around 2 a.m., she looked at her phone to turn on music and the next thing she knew, she told police, she was in the lake. Donovan told police she panicked, exited the vehicle out of the door and swam to shore. She then walked from Center Lake to her apartment in Kuder Estates near North Pointe Cinemas. Donovan did not inform anyone of the accident until she arrived home. Donovan admitted to police she drank a beer before driving Wednesday morning and that when she arrived home after the incident, she had a few more drinks to relax. She stated she was so upset by the incident she did not call 911 to report it. Donovan submitted to a portable breath test while speaking with police Wednesday and results showed a BAC of .031. No charges have been filed at this time.