Elkhart man judges who has the better coffee during alleged bizarre crime spree

Who has the better coffee in Elkhart: 7-Eleven or Village Pantry? An Elkhart man’s alleged decision on that question has led him to jail.

It all started Sunday night just before midnight, when Elkhart Police say 30-year-old Michael Coleman walked into the 7-Eleven on Toledo Rd. Coleman is said to have taken a pot of coffee and a pair of sunglasses, then simply walked out without paying for either.

About 30 minutes later, now after midnight Monday morning, Coleman, wearing the pair of sunglasses, allegedly walked into the Village Pantry down the road, declared 7-Eleven’s coffee the victor of the debate, and proceeded to throw the pot of hot coffee at an employee. The pot broke and the coffee got on the victim’s face and clothes. Like the 7-Eleven incident, Coleman reportedly left in a white Jeep.

Elkhart Police eventually caught up to Coleman, who was allegedly trying to break into a home on Prairie Street. He reportedly refused to show his hands to officers and, when he approached them, was tased. That didn’t stop Coleman, who allegedly pushed an officer several times and fled.

During the chase, Coleman is said to have hid in a garage, stripped himself of all his clothes, then continued the chase. He was eventually caught, but not before injuring two officers in a fight, according to police.

Due to his erratic behavior, he was evaluated at a hospital. Afterwards, he was charged with theft for the 7-Eleven incident, battery and criminal mischief for the Village Pantry incident and 3 counts of battery on an officer, residential entry, criminal mischief, resisting law enforcement (flees on foot), resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass and public indecency for the Prairie Street incident.