Elkhart School district partners with Warsaw Surgical Tech firm

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News Release

ELKHART — In an exciting collaboration towards the end of last year, Elkhart
Community School (ECS) partnered with Didage Sales Company from Warsaw, to launch
groundbreaking Surgical Tech and Sterile Processing Education Programs.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in medical education, providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on training to prepare for careers in the healthcare industry.

Didage Sales Company, provided over a quarter million dollars’ worth of new and refurbished surgical equipment, transforming ECS into a premier training ground with two fully functioning operating rooms and a sterile processing department.

By opting for refurbished equipment from Didage Sales Company, ECS was able to save an additional quarter million dollars compared to purchasing new equipment. This partnership not only elevates the standard of medical education in the region but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in achieving remarkable outcomes.

This innovative project, led by Heath Jones, Account Executive at Didage Sales Company, and Brandon Eakins, Career Director at ECS, underscores the strategic planning and dedication of both teams to deliver top-notch educational resources while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this transformative project,” said Heath Jones. “Our goal is to provide the best possible training environment for students, ensuring they are well-equipped to enter the workforce and make meaningful contributions to the healthcare field.”

The excitement doesn’t stop here. Didage Sales Company is also working on other
developments within the community that aim to replicate the success of this program, further enhancing medical education and workforce readiness in the region.

This initiative not only highlights the importance of educational advancements but also
showcases the incredible outcomes that can be achieved through community and industry