Eyewitnesses Testimony Underway In Kirkland Trial

Jurors in the murder trial of Travion Kirkland heard testimony from two prosecution witnesses on Tuesday, June 2, in Elkhart Circuit Court.

Kirkland is accused of shooting and killing 21 year-old Jesse Bowen in April of 2012.

The eyewitnesses testified they were at the home in the 56000 block of Best Avenue in Baugo Township when Kirkland pulled the trigger,according to our reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth. 

They described how two men wearing masks came into the home in the 56000 block of Best Avenue, flashed a gun and demanded drugs and cash.

One of the witnesses testified that Kirkland was holding the gun and that Kirkland and Bowen began to fight. The eyewitness testified that Bowen picked up a bat, hit one of the masked men with it, and that the gun went off and everyone fled, except for Bowen.

The trial resumes on today, June 3.