False Fire Alarm Prompts Quick Response to Pierceton Elementary

Photo Provided: Whitko Community Schools

A false fire alarm may have caused a small scare at Pierceton Elementary Thursday morning, but school officials were quick to respond that everyone was safe.

The school put out a press release this morning regarding the false alarm:

“(Thursday) morning, at approximately 8:20am, a fire alarm was triggered at the Pierceton Elementary Campus. After inspection by trained fire response personnel, it was declared a false alarm. “All students and staff are safe and fully accounted for,” stated Whitko Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Brandon Penrod. “Earlier in the week, on Tuesday morning, PES had practiced a fire drill and that helped prepare them for this moment. Thank you to the Pierceton Fire Department for their response.”

A further inquiry will be done by alarm system professionals to discover the cause of the false alarm, most likely due to an error with a sensor.”