FDA Bans Certain Vaping, E-Cig Flavors

(Source: Vaping360.com License: https://goo.gl/sZ7V7x)

You will still be able to buy menthol and tobacco flavored vaping flavors and devices. But, other flavors are being banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Indiana’s Alex Azar, head of the U.S. Health and Human Services Dept., says they’ll actually be enforcing a law that’s already in place.

“Pres. Trump and America’s public health officials will not stand idly by as a new generation of Americans becomes addicted to tobacco products and nicotine,” said Azar, Thursday.

Candy, mint, dessert and fruit flavors are being effectively banned. Large, tank-based vaping devices are exempt.

No e-cigarette products have actually ever been authorized by the FDA. The law says those products must be authorized. So, beginning in 2020, all companies who wish to manufacture and sell e-cigs and vaping products must submit an application.

“We will be enforcing the law by prioritizing the products that appeal the most to kids,” said Azar. “We will continue to monitor use of these cigarette products by youth and take additional action, if necessary.”

Some vaping advocates believe that banning e-cigarette flavors will encourage people who have quit, to start smoking again.

It is not believed that legitimate, legal vaping products caused the vaping illness that has killed several Hoosiers and put over 100 people in the hospital in Indiana.