Fellowship Missions Partners With Substance Abuse Prevention Training

Fellowship Missions has coordinated with local community leaders to host the High In Plain Sight: Substance Abuse Prevention Training event on Monday, Nov. 7 at the Performing Arts Center at Warsaw Community High School.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the event will begin at 7 p.m.

This community-focused educational evening will review current drug trends, including identifiers, logos and clothing to demonstrate possible high-risk behaviors in youth. This presentation also will explain the current drug and alcohol terms in simple language for each attendee to easily apply what they learn in their community, school and home, according to a news release from Fellowship Missions.

This session will identify what some of the common drug and alcohol products are as well as show attendees behaviors associated with them and how that can have a negative impact on youth, their families and the community. This event is for adults (18+) and is free to attend for anyone in the community.

The session will be taught by officer Jermaine Galloway, “The Tall Cop” as part of the Tall Cop Says Stop™ organization. Galloway has nearly 20 years of experience in law enforcement with much of his time being spent combating underage drinking and drug abuse.

He is a highly respected and internationally recognized instructor on trends in drug/alcohol culture and enforcement methods, stated the release. His motto is, “You can’t stop what you don’t know” and he has worked with parents, educators, city officials and others to help better understand and reduce the harm caused by drinking and drug use in communities across the United States, the release states.

For more information about the event, contact Eric Lane or Brooke Skeans at Fellowship Missions at 574-268-9555.

This event is hosted by Fellowship Missions in partnership with K21 Health Foundation, Warsaw Community Schools, Live Well Kosciusko, Kosciusko County Community Foundation and Kosciusko On Drug Education.