Former Marine Walks For 2 Year Old

Former Marine and current National Guard Ranger Michael Stinfer and two of his friends made a 42-mile journey from Fort Wayne to Warsaw Friday in honor of a Warsaw boy who is in need of a kidney. Stinfer and Frank Gutierrez who served together in 2003 in Iraq, and Andy Cochran, Indiana State Police trooper, started the walk at 5:15 a.m. at Sniper Company in Fort Wayne and arrived at the War Memorial in Warsaw at 9 p.m. Friday. They traveled with 30-pound packs on their backs for 16 hours with food and water, wearing military boots.The walk was in honor of 2 year old Miles Bartley of Warsaw who is need of a kidney transplant. His aunt Gloria Triplett got ruled out to donate her kidney, and his mother, Sara Rife is undergoing testing to donate her kidney. Rife and Triplett met the men on U.S. 30 to walk with them and Myles, his sister, Vayda Bartley, and father Shawn Bartley walked the last stretch from Warsaw Community Public Library to the World War II Memorial Friday night.